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The beginning...

Fueled by my love for Halloween, I started selling unique Fall and Autumn home decor and jewelry online in 2006. At that time the company was called, 'Lady Autumn's All Hallows Eve Shop', which was inspired by a prior nickname used in the early days of internet avatars and screen names. Under the motto, 'Celebrate the Season', I sold exclusively during the Fall season.

As my jewelry designs progressed, I noticed how they all took on elements of each season and that they were getting more attention than my home decor items were receiving. As an avid nature lover, I realized I was inspired by more than just the Fall. I decided to sell my jewelry exclusively and began to figure out what to call this new venture.

The name 'Autumn Hallows Design' was born under the boughs of red and yellow maple trees as I took one of my walks. Where I stood seemed to be hallowed ground and I spoke the words, 'Autumn Hallows' aloud. I now work under the new motto, 'Jewelry Inspired by the Seasons'....with Autumn being my muse of course.

The future of Autumn Hallows looks bright. Currently, I have many of my creations available for sale at my Etsy Shop, which I started in 2009. I'm humbled and excited that my designs have been featured in BeadStyle Magazine, and other prominent jewelry design magazines.

You will find a variety of creations in the Hallows that are almost always one of a kind. I strive to stay true to my inspiration; respect and admiration for every season. I offer sumptuously layered nature-inspired pieces that you'll see nowhere else. Find your dream wedding jewelry or everyday pieces at affordable prices. No matter what you choose, you'll be wearing a piece of art, designed by hand and crafted with love.

Thanks for reading! 
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